Concrete Feed Bunk ~ 6Mtr

Specifications: Model WRFB

Length: 6000mm  ( 20′)
Total Base Width: 825mm (2’8″)
Height at Cattle Side: 500mms (20″)
Height at Feed Wagon: 680mms (2’3″)
Internal Feed Basin Width: 500mms (20″)
Base Thickness: 130mms (5″)
Cattle Wall Width: 150mms (6″)
Feed Wagon Side: 100mms (4″)
Weight: 2930kg

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Key Features

Wild RiverConcrete Precast Feed Bunk has been designed in consultation with feedlot clients.

WRC feed bunk has a cleaning heel on the apron side of the bunk designed for the skid steer to run along against the bunk but have the head rail post concealed inside that line of travel. The feed bunk is attached via a series of 4 hot dipped galvanised ferrules that are cast in a cage into the cattle side of the bunk. The post is bolted via 4xM12 bolts. The advantage of this process is that the post is neither inside or outside of the bunk, but unlike slip formed bunk, the post is not in a position where water can “pond” and rust the post out. Posts can be supplied or a client can manufacture their own.

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