Stockpro 3.6 Mtr Trough

Specifications: Model SP36

Length: 3600mm  ( 12′)
Width: 800mm (2’8″)
Height: 422mms (1’5″)
Weight: 1195kg
Volume: 665ltr (146 gal)
Inlet Size: 50mm (2″)
Outlet Size 100mm (4″)

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Key Features

The Stockpro range of troughs have been designed from customer demand wanting a lighter weight more manageable trough.

The Stockpro range are the ideal “budget” trough that are the “little brother” to the Western Long Trough. Made of 40MPA double reinforced, double vibrated concrete with a  super smooth finish, they are a good option when installing on farm with the use of a front end loader.

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